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Forno Lodi is an industrial bakery which has been producing top quality traditional products since 1927 and exports throughout Europe. We make sweet and savoury Italian specialities using... Dobavitelj za: Industrijske slaščičarne | Industrijske pekarne | Kruh, torte in peciva | Keksi in pecivo | christmas cake [+] traditionally made breadsticks | cantuccini biscuits | schiacciatinas | freselli crackers | tuscan biscuits | wholesale of bread | easter cakes | panpepato | twice-baked | crostini
Tarquinia - ITALIJA
Lorenz, the confectionery company, has been a reference in the sector for many years and offers a wide range of confectionery. Extra-fondant chocolates are the company's speciality. The freshness of... Dobavitelj za: Drobno pecivo | Mešani kolači | Torte in peciva | Slaščice brez čokolade | Čokoladne slaščice [+] sweets and sugar | regional cakes | chocolate production | bakery products | confectionery product | confectionery making products | martorana fruit | marzipan decorations | sugar processing | caster sugar
Acireale - ITALIJA
Forno Cama di Luca Corsaro has resulted from the work of the Corsaro family, a major player in the breadmaking sector in the Catane region for three generations. Over time, the company with its... Dobavitelj za: Industrijske pekarne | Kruh, torte in peciva | soy bread | sweet roll | brioches [+] wholemeal bread | focaccia | fresh focacce | pizzas | biscuit factory | bakery products | olive oil bread | pizza dough | breadsticks | sesame bread sticks
Paterno' - ITALIJA
Terra Etrusca is a company that makes and sells craft bakery products, cakes and pastries and high quality savoury specialities that it exports throughout Europe. We make sweet and savoury Italian... Dobavitelj za: Keksi | Industrijske pekarne | Olivno olje | Vino - Italija | Keksi in pecivo [+] dry pastries | panpepato | typical italian wines | liqueur-like wines | extra virgin olive oil | taralli crackers | biscuit factory | fruit tarts | cantuccini biscuits | sesame bread sticks
Tarquinia - ITALIJA
The Panificio Quartararo bakery makes all sorts of breads, baked goods, wood-fired oven pizzas, typical Sicilian pastries and many other delights. Our baked goods include all manner of hot bread... Dobavitelj za: Torte in peciva | Keksi in pecivo | Kruh, torte in peciva | Jedila, gotova in za sladokusce | Gastronomske specialitete [+] easter cakes | regional cakes | christmas cake | sicilian cannoli | cannolo pastries | sicilian cassata | doved-shaped easter cakes | panettone | almond pastries | marzipan biscuits
Palermo - ITALIJA
The firm, Roberto, founded in 1962, is an industrial bakery in Treviso province. Roberto Alimentare srl devotes its efforts with passion to choosing its own ingredients and is known for the quality... Dobavitelj za: Industrijske pekarne | wholemeal bread | pan carre' | bread for bruschetta | crostini [+] naturally leavened bread | multigrain bread | sesame bread sticks | breadsticks | olive oil bread | healthy bread | organic bread | breadmaker | bread for hamburgers | kamut wheat bread
Susegana - ITALIJA
The firm, Roberto, founded in 1962, is an industrial bakery in Treviso province. Roberto Alimentare srl devotes its efforts with passion to choosing its own ingredients and is known for the quality... Dobavitelj za: Kruh | healthy bread | crostini | olive oil bread | sesame bread sticks [+] breadsticks | wholemeal bread | naturally leavened bread | bread for bruschetta | multigrain bread | organic bread | pan carre' | kamut wheat bread | batch bread | bread for hamburgers
Susegana - ITALIJA
BABBI products capture this special flavour that comes from 50 years' experience, passion and commitment to the art and tradition of confectionery. . . Dobavitelj za: Keksi | Kakav in čokolada | Pripravljanje sladoleda - stroji in oprema | supplies for ice cream bars | confectioner's products [+] chocolate cakes | ice-cream ingredients | wafers | cones for ice-creams | flavouring and colouring pastes for ice creams | ice cream bases | technical assistance | gift packages
Bertinoro - ITALIJA


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Galatea manufactures semi-finished for traditional cake and ice-cream makers. Its experts provide their technical knowledge through training, advice and the creation of ice-cream recipes. Dobavitelj za: Industrijske slaščičarne | Sladoled in sorbet | parfait | hand-made ice-cream | gourmet ice cream desserts [+] hand-made ice-cream | ice cream | granita | sorbets | ice cream bases | freeze-dried | semi-finished goods | flavoured complements

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Tezze Di Piave-Vazzola - ITALIJA
The company makes semi-worked products for pastry-making: pan di Spagna (Sponge sheet), rolled pan di Spagna (Bavaroise sponge), doughnuts, etc. We sell these products to the confectionery industry... Dobavitelj za: Industrijske slaščičarne | Industrijske pekarne | Kruh, torte in peciva | confectionery product | semi-finished bakery products [+] bakery products | cake | fresh baked products | rolled sponge cake | semi-finished products to bake for pastry makers | doughnuts
Pieve Porto Morone - ITALIJA
Sicilfrutti is a leading brand in the nougat sector, thanks to its constant research for authentic, carefully selected ingredients. It exports its products through Europe and the United States. The... Dobavitelj za: Torte in peciva | Nugat | Posušeno sadje | Med | pistachios [+] homemade panettone brioches | pistachio pate | doved-shaped easter cakes | panettone | regional cakes
Paterno' - ITALIJA
Bio Italy Nature is a producer company founded on 3 core values: 1. The quality and food safety of its products: values that are essential for our image and the viability of our business. 2. Respect... Dobavitelj za: Mešani kolači | Organics - prehrana | Posušeno sadje | almonds | packed pistachios [+] pistachios | fresh pistachios | confectionery product | pistachio pate | walnuts
Castiglione Di Sicilia - ITALIJA
We supply products for pizzerias, restaurants, trattorias, hotels, bars, brasseries, sandwich shop, patisseries, grills, bakeries, canteens. Tinned anchovies, frozen meat; pizza flour, cheeses and... Dobavitelj za: Drobno pecivo | Moka in zdrob | Meso in mesni izdelki | Ribe, zamrznjene in globoko zmrznjene | Testenine [+] Sir | mozzarella for pizza | wholesale of dairy products | buffalo-milk mozzarellas | wholesale cheeses | wholesale of frozen fish | wholesale of pasta | supplies for pizzerias | fior di latte mozzarella | wholesale foodstuffs
Scandicci - ITALIJA
Today the Prato brand stands out by offering the best bread substitution products. Two new ultra-modern establishments, with leading-edge equipment and family experience in the sector going back more... Dobavitelj za: Industrijske pekarne | sesame bread sticks | french loaves | traditionally made breadsticks | breadsticks [+] rubata' | high quality handcrafted gressini | rustic baguettes
Trofarello - ITALIJA
Our company was founded around 20 years ago based on the initiative and entrepreneurial spirit of Sebastiano Pennisi. Around 10 years ago the traditional workshop specialised in the production of... Dobavitelj za: Industrijske slaščičarne | Torte in peciva | sicilian cannoli | sicilian cannoli crumbs | almond paste [+] sicilian cannoli waffles | almond milk bread
Belpasso - ITALIJA
Craft producers of panettoni, pandori, colombes, biscuits and Venetian biscuits. Quality raw materials, slowly leavened dough, use of home-produced yeast, unique tastes (Late Ciaculli Mandarins,... Dobavitelj za: Torte in peciva | panettone | doved-shaped easter cakes | biscuit production | venetian cakes [+] pandori | focaccia
Motta-Costabissara - ITALIJA
We take great care with all our products throughout all phases of manufacture: from the choice of ingredients, always high quality and authentic, to the different phases of creation and packaging. We... Dobavitelj za: Peka peciva | Keksi in pecivo | supplies for institutions | wholesale bakery products | dried pastries [+] twice-baked | biscuit production
Castelbuono - ITALIJA
Created over thirty years ago, at the foot of Mount Etna, from which it takes its evocative and ancient name, pastrymaker's Cannolificio Mongibello quickly gained a leading position in the pastry and... Dobavitelj za: Peka peciva | sicilian cannoli | almond paste | wafers for cannoli | butter-based desserts [+] boudoir biscuits | milk biscuits | doughnuts
Belpasso - ITALIJA
For over two centuries Romanengo Pietro Fu Stefano srl has been producing candied fruit, ''mostarda'' (fruit based speciality with syrup), marrons glacés, sweets, demisucres, fondants, sugared... Dobavitelj za: Torte in peciva | gift packages | comfits | christmas packages | easter packages [+] sugared almonds | chocolate candy
Genova - ITALIJA
Wholesale and retail of food products, typical products of Campania and Apulia, and products for the restaurant and pizzeria sector. Wholesale products: own-brand peeled tomatoes, fine tomato pulp... Dobavitelj za: Torte in peciva | Moka in zdrob | Hrana - uvoz-izvoz | Klobase in salame [+] sugared almonds | chocolate candy
Cormano - ITALIJA
Our online store was created based on our will to preserve and maintain Sicilian gastronomic tradition. We would like to share the flavours and tastes of our marvellous land by offering you high... Dobavitelj za: Drobno pecivo | Posušeno sadje | Olivno olje | Hrana - uvoz-izvoz | pistachios [+] online sale of food products | foodstuffs export
Valverde - ITALIJA
We offer our catering and buffet services, collect from our shop, for refreshments, inaugurations and birthday parties. We supply panettone, colombe and other long-life products that can be ordered... Dobavitelj za: Kruh in pecivo | own production | doved-shaped easter cakes | panettone | pandori [+] bakery | small scale panettone production | colombe made in house
Salerno - ITALIJA
Dobavitelj za: Torte in peciva | sicilian cannoli | cannolo pastries | supplies for ice cream bars | wholesale of cakes and pastries [+] bakery | small scale panettone production | colombe made in house
Centuripe - ITALIJA
Caffè Caramel is in the very heart of Appiano and is a love story inspired by a good cup of coffee. When you come to us, you can sit down in an attractive dining room, in our wine bar or on sunny... Dobavitelj za: Torte in peciva | hand-made confectionery | fancy cakes | brioches | freshly-made pastries [+] bar | ice cream maker | coffee
Appiano - ITALIJA
Il Michelangelo della Pizza, located in Albano Laziale nei Castelli Romani ( Rome ); Wood-fired oven, production of country-style bread, Genzano bread, Lariano bread. Roman type pizza, pizza without... Dobavitelj za: Kruh | Kruh in pecivo | Kruh, torte in peciva | dry pastries | speciality from rome, pizzas cooked in wood-fired stoves [+] lariano bread | castelli romani bakers' products | genzano bread
Albano Laziale - ITALIJA
In 1990, Paolo Giangreco, current owner of A.I.D.A., decided to implement his idea of marketing all the fruits of this region by creating in our kitchens a variety of specialities based on delicious... Dobavitelj za: Torte in peciva | panettone | dry pastries | fancy cakes | almond pastries [+] twice-baked | sicilian cannoli | sicilian cassata
Assoro - ITALIJA
The Non Solo Dolce bakery provides a wide and varied range of national and international sweet specialities. From fresh cakes to coffee blends and ice cream, our slogan is "traditional quality". Our... Dobavitelj za: Torte in peciva | twice-baked | brioches | cannolo pastries | regional cakes [+] frollino | millefeuilles | confectionery
DolceValle is a young company created from a combination of passion for pastry and Valdôtain tradition. Owner of the company, Cinzia is passionate for her work and regularly follows training and... Dobavitelj za: Drobno pecivo | pandolci | chocolate | dry pastries | hand-made confectionery [+] regional cakes | sweet cakes and pastries | cakes
For more than twenty years Le Bontà Trecchinesi bakery has been selling its products, and has built up an ever-growing loyal customer base over time. As the years have gone by, Le Bontà Trecchinesi... Dobavitelj za: Kruh | wood oven | freselli crackers | focaccia | doved-shaped easter cakes [+] bread | christmas cake | round loaves
Trecchina - ITALIJA
Dobavitelj za: Industrijske slaščičarne | Veleprodaja | brioches | private label brioches [+] bread | christmas cake | round loaves
Romanengo - ITALIJA
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