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From its site on Mount Etna's slopes, GELFRUIT ITALIA offers the European market natural products that have always found their roots in an as yet unspoilt environment. The extraordinary flavour of... Dobavitelj za: Mešani kolači | Posušeno sadje | sauces | organic products | ice cream bases [+] items for ice cream parlours | semi-finished products for ice cream makers | semi-finished products for bakers | hand-made ice-cream | pistachios | handmade pralines | cashew nuts | shelled walnuts | hazelnuts | packed pine nuts
Castiglione Di Sicilia - ITALIJA
DECO INDUSTRIE devises, makes and packs liquid and powder detergents for domestic use, and also for sweet and savoury bakery products, using its own in-house resources only. It meets the needs of... Dobavitelj za: Industrijske pekarne | Detergenti, za gospodinjstvo | Keksi in pecivo | piadina romagnola | washing detergents [+] kitchen detergents | dishwasher detergents | sanitizing detergents | special flours | detergents for environments | pizza dough | bleaches | soaps for home use | easter cakes | detergents for windows and mirrors
Bagnacavallo (Ra) - ITALIJA
We started out in 1962 as a small hard working regional bakery with a dream. In just a few years Roberto Industria Alimenta spa has become an avant-garde company, diversifying and extending its... Dobavitelj za: Kruh | certified olive oil gressini | hard wheat bread | low fat gressini | bread for toast [+] kamut gressini | wholemeal gressini | white bread | gressini with green olives | bread | sesame bread sticks | naturally leavened bread | sandwich bread | wholemeal bread | breadsticks


Susegana (tv) - ITALIJA
Organisation of catering service, buffets, receptions, congresses, meetings. Pastries, grill room and wine selection. Dobavitelj za: Torte in peciva | Kongresi, seminarji, sprejemi - organizacija in storitve | Vina | buffet for meetings | conference centres [+] premises for events | ceremonial service | conference rooms | meeting room | catering service | equipped meeting rooms | international cuisine | national trade fairs | conference centres in historic dwellings | trade fair, exhibition and showroom premises and centres
BABBI products capture this special flavour that comes from 50 years' experience, passion and commitment to the art and tradition of confectionery. Dobavitelj za: Keksi | Kakav in čokolada | Pripravljanje sladoleda - stroji in oprema | flavouring and colouring pastes for ice creams | ice cream bases [+] supplies for ice cream bars | ice-cream ingredients | wafers | cones for ice-creams | chocolate cakes | gift packages | confectioner's products | technical assistance
Bertinoro - ITALIJA
Galatea manufactures semi-finished for traditional cake and ice-cream makers. Its experts provide their technical knowledge through training, advice and the creation of ice-cream recipes. Dobavitelj za: Industrijske slaščičarne | Sladoled in sorbet | semi-finished goods | flavoured additives | freeze-dried [+] sorbets | ice cream bases | gourmet ice cream desserts | hand-made ice-cream | hand-made ice-cream | granita | ice cream | parfait

Znamke : GALATEA

Tezze Di Piave-Vazzola (tv) - ITALIJA
The Ellegi industrial bakery produces all types of bread for resale, supermarkets, canteens, sandwich bars, organisations and restaurants. Manufacture of breadstickss, croutons, sweet and savoury... Dobavitelj za: Drobno pecivo | Industrijske pekarne | Industrijske slaščičarne | crackers | rye bread [+] freshly-made pastries | macaroons | bakery products | crostini | breadsticks
Gadesco Pieve Delmona (cr) - ITALIJA
Craft producers of panettoni, pandori, colombes, biscuits and Venetian biscuits. Quality raw materials, slowly levened dough, use of home-produced yeast, unique tastes (Mandarines Tardivo di... Dobavitelj za: Torte in peciva | Industrijske slaščičarne | venetian cakes | tarts | sweet cakes and pastries [+] pandori | pastry making workshop | biscuit production | panettone | doved-shaped easter cakes | hand-made confectionery | twice-baked
Motta-Costabissara (vi) - ITALIJA


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Bread and biscuits made. Dobavitelj za: Peka peciva | Keksi in pecivo | twice-baked
Bardano-Orvieto (tr) - ITALIJA
The company makes semi-worked products for pastry-making: pan di Spagna (Sponge sheet), rolled pan di Spagna (Bavaroise sponge), doughnuts, etc. We sell these products to the confectionery industry... Dobavitelj za: Industrijske slaščičarne | Industrijske pekarne | Kruh, torte in peciva | crackers | rolled sponge cake [+] fresh baked products | breadsticks | twice-baked | semi-finished bakery products | confectionery product
Pieve Porto Morone - ITALIJA
The variety on offer at our pastry workshop goes from classic and traditional cakes to the latest generation pastries with highly original and meticulous decoration. We also provide refined pastries... Dobavitelj za: Torte in peciva | traditional chocolate | catering service | personalised cake | hand-made confectionery
Olgiate Comasco (co) - ITALIJA
Use our technical know-how to give life to your ideas and give free rein your imagination: this has been the founding principal of DolceSfoglia since the company's creation en 2000 and is based on 30... Dobavitelj za: Drobno pecivo | cake decorations | sweets and sugar | regional cakes
Zona Asi-Modica (rg) - ITALIJA
Quality, tradition, innovation. 150 years' of experience which reflect the tradition of our products. Dobavitelj za: Industrijske pekarne | traditionally made breadsticks | french loaves | breadsticks | sesame bread sticks
Trofarello (To) - ITALIJA
Dobavitelj za: Torte in peciva | Zamrznjene in globoko zmrznjene jedi | Komercialne franšize
Napoli - ITALIJA
Dobavitelj za: Keksi | Čokoladne slaščice | Deserti na osnovi mleka | Mehka in navadna čokolada
Auna Di Sotto-Renon - ITALIJA
Dobavitelj za: Kruh | Kruh, torte in peciva
Messina (me) - ITALIJA
Dobavitelj za: Drobno pecivo
San Dorligo Della Valle (ts) - ITALIJA
Dobavitelj za: Torte in peciva | Industrijske slaščičarne
Belpasso - ITALIJA
Dobavitelj za: Keksi | Kruh, torte in peciva
Dobavitelj za: Drobno pecivo | Kruh, torte in peciva
Verolengo - ITALIJA
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